New E-mu Drivers V1.8beta Non-64bit

if somebody like experiments, try this:

download the 1.8beta 64bit package, unzip it, and try to install without the e-mu installer:
start the hardware manager of windows and update the “E-MU E-DSP” drivers (within the audio devices section) in the normal windows way and let windows search the package folder.

on my side windows found drivers and installed it without any problem - now it’s version number - date 2005-04-12

my first experience is:

3 provoked crashes of RENOISE without the loss of ASIO (no re-boot)!!!

i got the PowerFX nearly working in RENOISE!!!

experienced user should try the 1.8 drivers but - no guarantee if there will be problems after this risky update!!!

forgot to say: i’m using the patchmix dsp 1.8 too (the patchmix dsp 1.8 available with the 1.8beta drivers isn’t a 64bit version and works with the 1.71 drivers too)

(the 1.8beta 64bit driver package is available at

Thx for the info. Will check this out now B)

where you got the downloadlink from?
can’t find anything.
do you mind posting? :)

thanks a lot. downloading it right now.
and you’re sure they work with 32bit windows versions?
well…i’ll see. in a few minutes. :)

in the package are i386 folders and amd64 folders! and as i said … windows driver update procedure installed the version on my pc with my 1212m …

if you try to install … choose the package folder “drivers-x64-041805/Install/wdm” for searching the drivers … this should work and windows driver update should find the right drivers. (that’s my experience) …

i say it again:
try it at your own risk and don’t blame me for problems which might occur ;) (but what should happened … it’s only a soundcard driver!)

ok i did what you said and it worked. new drivers are running well so far.
i could install the patchmix too, but after rebooting the patchmix don’t load up.
even trying to start it manually didn’t work. so i guess this part is really just for 64bit cpus.
had to reinstall the 1.71 patchmix again, but now everything runs fine.
thanks again.

my patchmixdsp 1.8 works … but not as stable as 1.71 …

imho there are no big enhancements in 1.8

I am almost done downloading everything… and as far as you report, I’m going to update (manually) the drivers but leaving the 1.71 patchmix there where it is
Did I got this right? I’ll let you know if this is working for me as well…

patchmixdsp 1.71 should work with the new drivers too …

i started the same topic in the e-mu forum …

and some forum members have confirmed my experience…p?TOPIC_ID=3473

And I confirm it too, the system had no problem updating the drivers. I just had 1 small crash so far… thanks Alex :yeah: :lol:

what exactly does “i got the PowerFX nearly working in RENOISE!!!” mean, alex? :blink:

the latency of powerFX is big and the result is a crackling and delayed sound, but it’s the first time that I’m able to add fx and heard the fx take effect to the sound - and the channel wasn’t totally muted or something else (like in my former powerFX experiments!)

i experience exactly the same.
guess it’s something we have to live with.
in FL for example, i can set the plugin wrapper to use “fixed size buffers”, and the latency goes down without no crackles.
i don’t know how renoise handles the buffersizes for plugins, but my bet goes for some kind of “dynamic size buffers” :)

well, the way it is right now it’s practicaly unusable for live playing, but for final mixing a song it is ok. there is also this delay-compensation plugin which is installed with the patchmixer. insert one instance of it in any track without power-fx, and there you go.

in Renoise the PowerFX has a static buffer by default (there is a CachedVsts.xml where you can tweak this - but’s not necessary - it’s the default value) … it don’t work …

dynamic latency compensation in Renoise … a dream!!! :)

thanks for the hint.
the default for “needs static buffer” for powerfx in my cachedvst.xml was set to “0”
setting it to “1” just made my day.
almost no latency and crackles at all. just like it’s in FL. a little latency of a few milliseconds is noticeble, but this is i think emu’s problem, not renoises’ (or the lack of latency compensation? dunno. imo latency compensation, just adds latency to the channels without latency. i don’t think it can make the dsp chip faster somehow, and totally make the latency disappear.)

btw: i think it just works for me, because i use the emu now JUST for the powerfx. the asio out& inputs come from my echo soundcard. :)
guess there may be a problem in the built in dsp chip handling the low latency asio in&outputs AND the effects. (?)

now i can use the fx just like they should,
with the 1.7 drivers they didn’t work. :yeah: :)

Possibly an item on the upcoming WIP voting list…