New Electro Song With --> Vocals <-- =)

please listen to my new electro song: smoke cigar

download it here or in the song section/electronic

please leave some feedback despite the BB3 voting :)

are you that amazed or do you hate it that much? :unsure:

Everything about it is very well done, but I don´t really like the main bass theme, I think it sound abit nagging/stressing? But its only my personal taste. I liked your other tune more :)

Keep up the work, I think its only a matter of time untill you make a hit song :)

it´s the bass theme im most satisfied with :D .

it´s fun to work with tunes, thats a challenge for me with my acid and dark techno past :lol:

There are parts sound good. But put together in the mix it, I didn’t feel that it worked.

The mix sounds a little messy. There’s too much stuff going on that clashes with each other. Next round, EQ the samples to have their own “frequency space.”

It’s rather dark, which is definately cool and the bassline is ok, but again it clashes with your beat. Too many different rhythms going on at once.

Last, I didn’t feel like the song had a flow. The first big thing to happen is you introduce your synth hook, but you quickly add your vocals on top. You then go back to your synth hook and a variation finally adding your vocals on top of it all. You then drop out your synth hooks and pull your vocals back in a third time. The bassline stays with the entire track, so it loses it’s dramatic effect. By the 2 minute mark, I’m already tired of it.

Create interest in your themes. Decide what the themes of your songs are and make sure that they are introduced, made into variations, then re-introduced. It will make the song as a whole sound more interesting.

Like I said before, the different layers of the song by themselves sound very interesting, but mixed together in what sounds to be a disorganized 5 minutes, they eventually lose my interest.

I downloaded Synth Factory. The ryhthem is definately there, the mix sounds good. All the parts are interesting and work well together, but the song didn’t feel like it went anywhere.

Seriously, no harm intended – you have to hear the stuff I did in 1996. Sounds exactly the same! It sounds good. It needs improvement on arrangement and unity.

I’m currently learning that even if a song is simple, if you make it flow well, the song stays interesting and keeps the attention of the listener. Even for up to almost 11 minutes! (see: “10 Minutes Of Fame”).


I like this one allot. :rolleyes: I got into bass synths from listening to dark German Acid music. sometimes songs don’t have to go anywhere if they are already in a good place. The song had a good groove to it. I would only follow the advice of others if helps YOU to write the music YOU like, that is what is important.

chris le: i dont agree with your critique to my song, but it made me think.
thanx :)

concerning the “messy” sound: maby i have to adjust the compressors in my final mix one more time :D

personally i like a messy and blurry sound.

I’ll agree with Zed303.

Music as an art is relative. If you’re enjoying what you do, then that it. You can’t please everyone. But if you have to please one person, make sure it’s yourself. I see music in a different light.

Don’t take what I said too seriously. It was just like the old saying. “Opinions are like A__holes, everyone has one and they all stink.”


i think it’s great that someone tells me my songs sounds blurry and messy.

sometimes i have to wake up. I’ve got a serious illness. I’m in love with reverbs :D