New EP

Howdy hi!

All programming done in Renoise… vocal edits in Ableton (unfortunately):

It just proves that Renoise can work perfectly alongside any other DAW. Love <3


Awesome, quality stuff! But honestly didn’t except anything else from you. :dribble: Bought. ^_^

“First Ray of Light” especially impressed me. It’s heavenly. Beautiful vocals, dreamy atmosphere, just moves something in me.

Thanks for your work!

Thank you very much, Fraktal! That was heartwarming :)

All the best,

Hello Klaus!
I have to admit to recently listen to your music, but I learned about your creativity from other sources. :) It’s amazing what you create. This is fantastic! :walkman:

Amazing stuff

Really amazing quality stuff.

‘Stay’ won me over.

Sounds awesome!

Hi Klaus, congratulations on another magnificent work with Marthe! Whenever you produce music together it’s just magic :)
Hope to see you again at Evoke!!

Cheers, Cyrex

Thank you very much for all your kind words!! Much appreciated :)

Lovely, as usual. Reminds me of the Tori Amos remix you did a loooooong time ago :)