New Equipment

Hey all, I have a pretty big chunk of change for some music equipment and I was thinking of either buying the Red Square or the Future Retro Revolution

Red Square:

Right now I have a roland sh 201, monitors, mbox 2 and was wondering what the next step should be in terms of hardware. I am probably going to get an analogue synthesizer but i’d like to know what everyone here thought first, if theres maybe something more important I should get or a different synth that is around the same price that is better. Thank you all

Personally I would go for the Red Square, simply for the patching capabilities.
If you would like to start with an easier analog synth you should look at some ‘normal’ vintage mono synths like the Moog Prodigy/Micro/Rogue, Sequential Pro One, Roland’s old SH synths…
For a new analog mono synth I can recommend the Moog Little Phatty, it’s not that expensive and it’s a great sounding synth to work with.

The choice is up to you. :D

hey thanks for the input…im still not quite sure
whats everyone else think?

The link is broken ( youll see it right on the main page

it has midi support and although this may sound like a noobish question, will I be able to sequence in renoise with this synth?

you must be rich :)

I think your question should be: can I sequence this synth with Renoise?
Yes, you can… :)

That Future Retro XS looks pretty decent

Sounds a bit like a beefed up MS20 to me, plus, built in sequencer which should sync to Renoise easy enough

Not really checked out the Red Square, looks interesting - dammit, thought analogsolutions were selling racked 808’s for £399!

I don’t know what’s best. You can either spend quite a bit of money on something really flexible, like a semi-modular, or just get two different synths which cover lots of bases… I get by with an MC202 and a Pro One for most things. If I got a Moog I’d be complete

Studio Electronics do some of the best quality modern analogs you can buy

thank you everybody for your input, I think I’m going to go with the Red Square actually…