New Fantastic Track!

We’re damned proud of this one, been working constantly for a week or something!!

Download for the following reasons:

  1. its sweet melody
  2. it’s cool
  3. it’s awesome
  4. it’s made by US!!!

Oh, and here’s a link.

Huge, well-hung regards from yours truly. And Sewen. The sleeping bastard. B)


nice one :P

lol i feel like a nerd. the prossess was fun though. we had max 3-4 minuttes each to do 4 patterns, then send it. it was finnished after 30 minuttes:p

wich brings me to my next point, dont use drugs. hehe, seriously though, if renoise had some sort of network… we could make co-ops on the net. that would be so awesome :D one user ‘run as server’ and it all could be as chess. when you are finnished, you just hit some ‘done’ button and its the other users turn.
damn my english is crap.

hurts in my ears but f***in crazy!! :D

Yep, it’s THE way to work for fastmade bullshitmusic!! :D

Oh, and how about a DEATHMATCH in tracking? How cool would THAT be? Hehehe…

This song is not real :D
Which drugs were you two using while composing this one?

IDEA!!! :yeah:
How about a regular Renoise OHC? I bet there would be much participants. We´ve only to find a organiser :)

Well, I was on lack-of-sleep at the moment. So was Sewen, he kept nagging me to SEND THE %!"%$ FILE every other minute, threatening to log off and worse!!

That’s the drug of choice. :rolleyes:

Oh, and… “Renoise OHC”?? OHC?? Wtf? Expl plz…

OHC = One hour compo. A well known sort of a competition organized and held via irc. The target is to get a nice song (mostly with pre-compiled samplepacks) together within 1 hour and… of course to have fun :)

Lol… stupid… :P Can’t read, this’un!!

Ah, I know ohc’s, I just didn’t use that way of shortening it. eh… english crap tonite

LMAO. I see your point.

OHC for Renoise would be cool. I’ve never attended. Cause they always supply samples for FTII, and I can’t bother converting for use with Protracker.

Speaking of co-ops. Dunno if any of you guys have heard these old co-ops by me and xerxes.

First one:…in_gul_lars.mp3
Was made in xerxes casa with renoise 1.27 - It was actually the same week I bought renoise.

Second and third:…ubbens_gang.mp3…ng-tam_pong.mp3
Was made in my old casa with renoise 1.27 - As usual supplemented with allot of beverages

Bored out of hell. Sent this one back and fourth trough IRC

Ol’school treat:
A Protracker module. hihi.
Yeah. I used my Amiga till the day I got my registered Renoise. And I still have it.