New Feature Suggestion To Sample Editor. Release Loop After Noteoff.

This feature is something I’ve actually never seen in a sampler, but I think it would be really useful for many kind of sounds. It would just release a looped segment inside a sample after noteoff and let it play to the end.

Might be useful for making sampled acoustic sounds sound more realistic for example.

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Yeah!! Would be great for mangling speech too, just makes sense, +1

I have suggested this in the past, so I agree :)

I will personally harass taktik about this when we will begin XRNI reworking :)


Yeah this would be a cool feature!


+1 (if optional)

Uhum, good idea…but:

  • good point about Renouise is its minimalism -> would it not overcomplicate the GUI?
  • it is not only matter of ‘if’ but also of ‘how’ -> adding clear edition of another loop to GUI sounds like another topic

A checkbox??

All it would take is a checkbox.

I think you don’t fully understand what 029 meant.

Not a 2nd release loop. Rather, allow the sample to continue playing to the end after you release a note (note-off). Assuming the volume envelope has a long release.

It’s actually pretty common and I was surprised when I realized Renoise didn’t have that feature.

Oh and it would have to be optional to work right, because you wouldn’t want to release the loop if you were looping the entire sample (a waveform for example).

I believe EWQL Symphonic Orchestra has release trails with their sample libraries, at least the Gold/Platina versions. I think it’s pretty much standard for sample libraries. I don’t really see the need for this feature, as the instruments which benefit from this are mainly natural sounding instruments which already have a “real” sample-player bundled or requires one.
Cool feature? Sure. I would probably play with it at some point.

And I have always wondered how this works:
What if we have a 2 sec loop and a 2 sec release trail.
Imagine the note is played for 2.2 secs. The loop has 1.8 secs left of the loop to get to the end and then it plays the release so you will not hear your release trail until loop is done = 1.8 secs delay + 2 for the trail.
Or does it instantly jump to the release trail (this have to be the way), will there not be a click when switching samples/jumping? Even if some kind of fade is done, some artifacts will be present if not done well.

It should finish the loop first, just skipping to the end of the loop wont sound good. So it’s probably not good for everything, as the sound can get longer than intended.

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this does not mean that Renoise should not have such a feature.

another interesting feature would be release trigger: the ability to trigger another sample when the main one receives a note-off message (think for example to an open hi-hat sample: when you release it, a pedal-closing hi-hat sample could be triggered).

We will try to take care of all these features upon XRNI re-design.

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+1, my olde AKAI S1000 had this feature, used it a fair bit.

You are correct, it might actually be useful for all kinds of sounds.

+1 that seems like it would be a cool feature :walkman:

this would be usefull+1

+1 was thinking about that yesterday. That would be very useful. :slight_smile:

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It is already implemented. Look here in the manual, down in the “Sample Properties” section: Sampler - Renoise User Manual

You can see in the Sample properties to the left of the sampler, there is a loop property to choose loop type, and next to it is a little button called “Loop Finish” in the manual. Select it, and the sample won’t loop any more when it hits a note-off - so it does exactly what was requested in this thread.