New features for the one and only Digital Audio Workstation

Please can U add something like a patchbay such as in fruityloops and bitwig.
We think thats a great idea for the RENOISE DAW to be universal and widespreading in the MUSIC Community.
Can U Please look at the programms such as BESPOKE or PURE DATA or USINE.

Thanks a lot for the Renoise Produkt, which is very precise but it should be further more easier like childsplay.

Yours Sincerly

Brazor0 and Co.


This is incredibly vague.

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Vst than can host vsts

Some lacks…for now

he’s asking for something akin to bitwig’s grid, I believe.

I said it before, but if we could have sends and multiple fx chains within doofers, this would come very close to that functionality, albeit less graphically oriented. It would also be great to have modulation input and output capabilities for doofers. these features would be a big power up for renoise based signal processing


I don’t know, I watched a few videos with bitwig grid, but the implementation of something similar in renoise is a bit out of bounds, just in my opinion. Both VCV Rack and Plug Data can be used as VSTs, they work as they should.
Maybe I just misunderstood what it was about. Sometimes I also use things like ORCA in conjunction with Renoise as a sound engine.
There are many things that can be combined with Renoise

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Ive been using pipewire on a linux machine to route my bitwig audio directly into renoise. I havent got the clock sync issues figured out yet but i can sample directly into renoise from bitwig. Not a built in modular environment but its a decent workaround.