New Fire, Critique Very Welcome

So I’ve spent some 6 months now focusing on learning Renoise more than before and I’m nearly there with being able to make the kind of music I want (albeit FAR from having mastered even a tiny bit of Renoise) and this is the first finished thing I’ve managed to come up with after doing tons and tons of self-constructed exercises and such. So any advice and tips are wanted now! Be it either song structure or mixing or whatever, I’ll take anything! :)

I wanted to work on this still, but after a couple of weeks of working on this I wasn’t getting anywhere at all or coming up with anything new and instead just stalled myself from going on so I figured I should just wrap this up and see what people think and start something new.

Maybe a bit flat and thin, but I like the athosphere. The percussions are good though they could use bit more variation rather that looping the same thing ;) and the delay is kinda weird with them too. Also the part at around 1min sounds kinda dissonant at times, but everything after that is great. Especially dig those eerey sounds in the background :)