New (free) Ambient Track

this song was done in renoise 1.8 b2 :)

one wave is a 13+ minute long ambient journey accompanied by the subtle dialogue between electronic and accoustic instruments and voices. people involved in this production are as follows:

vocals: thomas wiklund larsen
electronic guitar: andreas restad
accoustic guitar: thomas wiklund larsen
studio technicians: kjell einar skalleberg, mikael isak nilsen, thomas wiklund larsen

composed and programmed by xerxes
recorded at batteries not included studios, tønsberg, norway

get it from


Listening now, will edit this post when done.

Neat so far! (00:35) ;)

Neat to the end, just the chill I needed… Thanx, x!

Oh, and props to the vocals, I’d definetly love to hear more vocal stuff from your end.

haha :) only 12 something minutes left!


Hey Xerxes! Listening to your new tune now while trying to hang up a new lamp i bought…

You know I love your music, but this became kind of too “floating”, it’s relaxing! But nothing that sticks to my mind for hours later, like so many other of your songs do. What I’m trying to say is there’s no real melody to it.

But sweet either way, really nice production :)

Cool to see you got a band now to make music with!


Another 18 megs of relaxation…

yep i hear you :) i stopped doing melodies quite a while ago… and recently i stopped doing chord changes too… either i am becoming too minimalistic, or perhaps i am just lazy since it is quite difficult to do melody and chords…



Don’t really see the problem with a lack of chords, unless you want a ‘hit single’. But you don’t really want that, do you? :)

I don’t really want to do big chord changes either. Hence my live ambient project-stuff like twenty two ten etc. Now if I just can get some stability back in my life I’d like to churn out a bit more of that. But enough about me, since all I wanted to say was that I didn’t think you were lazy, Klaus. Why make a wedding cake when all you want is something that tastes gooooood… ;)

wedding cakes seldom taste good… they just look the part. ;)

No they just fill space where you could have stationed another invited guest…
But about the good taste:i don’t think many tramps that bash in such weddings uninvited, would agree with you.

I’ll keep that in mind… It might come in handy some day.

I’d like to hear it, but it keeps timing out when I click the actual link for the song to download it.

hmm yeah this is weird… i get this from a few people. try
then click music, then mp3 and find xerxes-one_wave.mp3

right click and save as.

hope this works.