new glide effect

Got some letter free for pattern effects? I have a useful idea for a new one.

You know the glide effect? Have you ever been wasting time tuning the speeds so you get the portamentos you had in mind?

How about a glide in Gxx style, that will be specified with a number of ticks/lines until it reaches taget note?

Docs for the instrument properties could be clearer too ( )

Glide: Only applies when Mono is on. Any value other than ‘Off’ will glide the pitch between held notes without re-triggering the instrument’sModulationenvelopes. The higher the value, the quicker the glide. GFF will be instantaneous.


I find it a bit weird that this Mono - Glide feature is for a playing from a MIDI keyboard only. It just don’t work if it is playing from a pattern. This Mono settings just don’t work at all, the instrument still keep playing polifonically from a pattern. A bug?

I was about constant speed vs constant time glides. Often in music, a glide in legato will happen faster, if the distance between the notes is greater, so it happens in time. Trackers often use a speed you define and that won’t adapt to the distance between notes. I like the former more, and would wish for an alternative glide command that will respect the distance between current and target note.

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I very much support the idea of having tons of different additional commands. It would be cool to have a few essential ones somewhere on-top of the list, while maybe being able to manage the appearance of, say, all others.