New Harrison plugin (32c channel strip)

Hi guys,

i’m excited, 32c channel strip just came out available as cross-platform plugin (win,mac,linux) etc…

announcement on gearspace (ex gearslutz)

anyway, i use 32c daw for editing and mixing/mastering duties which has included elements of the plugin… nonetheless it’s sounding great…

Demo limitations is only nag-screen… no time-limit, nor audio degradation… so you can try it for as long as you need to…



Would be very interesting if they added crosstalk.

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Built in shelving looks great for sculpting space in a mix.

I’ve been looking at the Scheps 73 by Waves because it can do Mid/Side split in it’s EQ - but it doesn’t look as featured as the Harrison. Any other nice channel strips you can recommend for some analog simulation?

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not really channel strips… buuut…
there couple of airwindows gems… (tape, studio tan, channel9, mackity)
toneboosters reelbus
saturation module in TDR Limiter
scream in reason 11/12 (and previous versions)
built-in tape sat within busses in mixbus(32c)

Combining components can give you a lot flexibility… for example airwindows point is one of the most awesome transient shapers - often overlooked!!

PSP has great stuff… Slate tape machines as well… really there are a lot of plugins to choose from…

I tend to use only built-in stuff lately… Bitwig(distortion device, bit-8 with saturation engaged), Renoise, Reason, Mixbus (XT plugins, tape sat). Because most of time i catch myself testing XY plugin instead of making music… and it lasted for a lot of time… :confused:

sorry but obviously i’m not good at explaining things…message me if i can help further!

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