New Heavy Ragga/breakcore Tune

hi folks, i’ve just crushed the amen, pumped some bassdrums under it and let cutty ranks & co sing and bubble a lot :P
check it out, but it’s not finished yet

I was just thinking to myself we need more breakcore tracks.

The question is: would girls like to dance to this?


My ears are bleeding with those kickdrums at the beginning :wacko:

Well, not really, but it wasn’t comfortable.

Anyway, I don’t understand this kind of tracks. I just spend the whole song to check if something interesting is going to happen, and then it ends.

I would love to meet a girl that can dance to this.

But about the song: I like the way it is arranged, I just don’t like the way it sounds personally.

Some girls dance to Brutal Death/grindcore. But grindcore usually don’t make my ears bleed like this did. My speakers were accidentally turned all the way up aswell, suddenly everyone jumped in a room and I ran towards volume button. T0t4l ch40z.

Otherwise I would have expected bit more powerful breaks, but maybe this is just not my genre.

like i said, it’s not finished yet… i sometimes got problems to finsih songs cuz i don’t know what i could do to make it more interesting… but i’m glad to have crushed your ears :smashed: ;)

actually its pretty nice imo, maybe little too much distortion and too harsh, but otherwise ok


what kind of question is that? :) is your aim to make music girls will dance to? Do you make music to get laid? :)

Er… yes? :lol:

imo it needs even more evil distortion. ever heard some of ZombieFleshEaters tracks? that’s pure ultra-distortion :panic: that’s what breakcore/raggacore should sound like imo. evil, harsh, no-compromiss-breakz and an aggressive ragga mc shouting all the time would make me ejaculate 1000 times on the floor ^^

to answer the question, my girl could dance to this.

i get what you are sayin, but IMO too much distortion is 1) very fatiguing to ears so its hard to listen to it for longer than 15-20 minutes and 2) it shows (at least to me) that producer have chosen easyer route. I mean its easy to apply massive distortion to make hard breakbeats and agressive sound, anyone can do it. IMO what makes good breakbeat/breakcore/dnb etc producer is ability and skill to make punchy beats without excessive distortion, to make the type of agressive sound whitch is pleasing to ears.

I dont say that distortion is bad, its actually very good, but in reasonable amounts. When you listen to a track then distortion should not jump right in your face, it shouldnt be that noticable, you know its there and you hear it when you listen to it, but it should not be all over the place. i dont like to listen to music with bleeding ears :)

But maybe thats just me, maybe im getting old lol :)

yes you’re getting old, you don’t know whats good for you ;)
here check this out, or this, or this :)
it’s all just a question of taste… (can i say that like this in english? ^^)

i listened to those tunes and what can i say, my ears are bleeding :panic: i couldnt listen to it longer. Not because i dont like fastpaced hard breakbeats, i like them, but my ears are just so tired from all that overly heavy distortion that it just hurts, my ears would be ringing all day if i would listen to it for longer periods :)
And i still think that easyest and less talented way to make breakcore is to f**** up some breaks and then push them through MASSIVE distotrion. This way you will have instant punchy and heavy drums, you dont have to worry about your mixing abilities etc, you will have instant mayhem :w00t: the only problem is that its not pleasant (musically, and whats more important: physically) to your ears. most peaole cant listen to it for longer than couple of tunes, if the volume is not turned down dramatically.

But yeah, in the end its all about taste and preference, if you like it that way and your ears are not bleeding nor ringing, then go for it ;)

hehe, i hope that mr. zombieflesheater will make my ears bleed when i see + hear him live. missed him once in berlin back in 2005 and i could still kick my ass for this…
so, good night renoisers, gotta go to sleep!