New Here - How Easy It Is To Algin Audio Tracks To Midi Notes?


I’m new here.

How easy it is to align audio to midi notes in Renoise? Like live recording of Guitars and so on?

I just thought I could use renoise after a long time break of 15 year away from trackers :)

Thanks for any help.


I’m sure the answer is easy, isn’t it?

The reason I’m asking is that all what remember from the pas is that most of the interface is taken by the numbers, so I’m thinking there is no room for audio tracks to be set next to those notes/numbers.


have you played around with the demo yet?

you can trigger audio samples in the same way you trigger the midi. you can even trigger both midi and audio in the same track if you wanted to i guess.

watch some of the tutorial videos as well, i’m sure after 15 years away you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

you can use the Line-In device to play the guitar during live sessions.

If you instead need to record the guitar and synch it to previously recorded notes, this is a bit less straight-forward: there is a record function in the sample editor which allows you to synch the audio with the pattern

Yea, I gues I better watch the videos first… Do you recomend a specific video that shows what I’m talking about ?

Thanks for the help.

ok i should read proper before i comment next time.

i dont remember a video for recording things into renoise but its as simple as It-Alien describes:

1- select the track you want the guitar to be on.
2- pop a line-in device.
3- go to the sample editor.
4- click on the rec button and adjust how you want the sampler to behave ie create new instrument on each take or sync to pattern.
5- go.

after that you can treat what you recorded as any other sample/instrument. cut out what you want, or use the 09xx, etc.

i think thats about it.

hope that helps.