New IDM Song

Check out my new all-Renoise IDM song and let me know what you think… MP3 kind of ruined the drum EQing- does anybody have any tips on how to get around that? I’m using LAME at 128, which has never given me problems before.

Confessions Of An Opium Eater [MP3]

nice song! I think the vocals is abit low though

never use a bitrate beneath 192kbps

never use a bitrate beneath 192kbps

what do you mean?


Is that the same bitrate you use for converting .wav files to .mp3?

Example: I create the .wav files in renoise, then convert the songs into 128 kbit mp3’s (edit:) in audiocatalyst… should I instead use a higher bitrate? and if yes, what difference would this make? :huh:

About the song: Very nice vocals! Not my type of music /drums though :)

MP3-files is compresssed files and the MP3-format is a lossy format, it means that audio will deteriorate when it is compressed. The bitrate is the value that tells how much data that is allowed to be stored for every second of uncompressed audio in the compressed file. A higher bitrate accordingly implies an improved audio resolution. 128kbps is just a too low bitrate too use and often implies in very noticable differences from the original.

If you want to have good quality mp3s I would suggest using lame encoder with variable bitrate. The lower bound should be set to 128kbit and the higher at least to 256kbit (I use 320 for my CDs). I use CDex as ripper/encoder for my CDs.

or even better use the OGG-format wich is from the beginning designed for variable bitrate and is also a FREE format wich mp3 not is.

what does IDM mean by the way? Or what is so special for IDM?

I like this one. Nice and melancholic. Not too aggressive and not boring.
A good one.

Intelligent Dance Music


Incredibly Dumb Music

:lol: ;)