New In:Depth Articles

Hi there everyone, hope you’re having happy times with Renoise.

I’d just like to share with everyone that I’m back writing articles for Renoise In:Depth. I’ve got some big plans for a lot of very cool articles on how to use Renoise in the field, and how to do a lot of extended audio production tasks using Renoise. To kick things off I’ve done this article:

This one is a little dry and geeky, but I figured it’s a great topic to start things off on because I’ll refer back to it quite often. It ‘sets some standards’. I’ll get on with some sexier topics later on :D

If you have any areas you’d like me to cover please let me know. Thanks to team Renoise for giving me this opportunity to get back on board and share the good knowledge. Long live Renoise!


Wow, that’s an absolute treasure!

That’s some good reading!

Yeah, great stuff Foo?

Thanks! reading through this now.

Very clear and well written.

that REALLY was some good reading,in fact i just went through all the tracks that im currently working on,to make sure they dont clip

thank you so much for sharing this

Just finished now.

Having the example track is a great help for this sort of tutorial. What might be good for a future mastering article would be the same track mastered, though I am sure you may well have this in mind :)

Yes. I have not only one but many articles I plan to write on the subject matter of mastering. It’s going to be good to dispel a few myths about mastering as well as equip Renoise users with some ideas on how to approach mastering for themselves.

Thanks everyone for the very encouraging feedback! I’m looking forward to writing more, but I’m about to move house and interstate! All in good time- once I get going I might be doing a few of these articles a month.

LOL!! Agree though.

great stuff foo?! (no pun intended ^_^ :o :D )

Sounds great, look forward to reading,

good luck with the move!

Well Writ, and helpful.

thanks, appreciate that you take the time and explain things from the ground up!

I need the

This is marvelous!

New one for you all. Enjoy. :D

Awesome, much appreciated.

Thanks Foo? these articles are much appreciated. :)

No worries guys. Happy to do it. If you’ve got any questions at all just go right ahead here or in the comment thread on the article page.

Nice one Foo?
You’re talking dBFS in the first article right? I’d like to see an article about all the different kinds of dB. dBSPL, dBU, dBFS, etc, etc. I’ve always thought that was a tough subject but a very important one to understand.

Absolutely! That’s a pretty geeky subject alright. I’ll have to think of a way to relate that to a general Renoise/production audience. Sometimes things can get a little too scientific to be of much use for helping us write and make music. I’ll look into it though.