New Instrumental Song


here is my last song, what I composed in ModPlug Tracker. (Sorry, I know it is a ReNoise forum, but I am a new ReNoise user, so I’ve just started to use it instead of MPT. I would like to show you my last song in MPT, but RN is my future :lol: )

Goodness gracious this is excellent! Right up my alley… Personally I would add a little more dubby verb here and there, and maybe some filtering… But as a piece of music this is top notch! Yes yes yes, more please. Can’t wait to hear your xrns tunes.


Dear Nebidaan!
This is interesting, contemplative! It’s a pity you don’t take part in Beatbattle 5. I think theme underwater could be the right theme for you. :D
I’m also looking forward on your releases… :walkman:


speechless … :walkman: you got anything else uploaded yet ?

Thank you all for the replies, I’m very glad if you >feel< something during the song ^_^ I know the mastering isn’t too perfect, next time in a next song it will be maybe better :huh: . It is a very moody, and grey track, I know, but when I’m composing music, I would like to appeal to the emotions, to the mind, and soul:) in the future, my songs (and the old ones) will be moody, and dark too… :)

Did you play the guitars as audio, because they sound so real, with all the string change sounds and everything… it’s like it’s recorded as one track rather than bunch of samples. That must be it. Anyhow, I really like it, very nice… :walkman:

Wow… this is a great tune. you have so much emotions going on here.
love it !