New It-Alien's Suite: "Devil's Stare"

With this post I introduce a new project of mine: “Devil’s Stare”, a new classical concept album based on the idea of a visitor in a museum who, while walking through the painting showing not so much interest, gets stuck in front of a painting on a corner of which, the face of a devil starts looking at him.

The entire suite has now been completed and available for download from the links below.

“Devil’s Stare”

enjoy, and beware…

  1. Entering Hell’s Doors

  2. Devil’s Stare

  3. Dance of Fallen Angels

  4. Flames

  5. Ashes

  6. Funeral

…or Entire suite as a single 26MB OGG file album page
Jamendo album page

these are pretty fun to listen too.

If I had to say anything, its that I wish you would take more advantage of the fact that you are creating electronic music… why not add some electronic elements? Perhaps a really spacy sounding synth or something would add alot to this, and wouldn’t really compromise the feel of it all.

BUT… thats all just my opinion.

I agree with mr. cold on this. But then again. It-Alien has decided to make contemporary classical music, and adding even a single synth note would render it electronic music instead…

Also, maybe he intends to get this creation to be played by symphonic orchestra?

I tried to make some orchestral things in the past and it doesn’t sound 5% as good as this!
To be honoust I think it will probably always sound a bit electronic but I think you make it sound as natural as it can be.

Keep on doing this! It’s really good!

perhaps… but then Renoise is probably not your best option for the creation of it.

ALSO… there is absolutely NO reason why conteporary classical music can’t have synth in it…

ALSO… this is already electronic music… it just doesn’t sound like it

Why not? With couple of scripts and lilypond you can easily convert the XRNS to scoresheets to whole orchestra.

that is quite interesting… I question though how well it works.

thanks for your comments!

I have no problem with putting electronic sounds into orchestral music, and this would certainly not be the first time into contemporary classical music (one name for all: Edgar Varese) neither the first time for me, but simply it is not into my intentions right now: I want to create an(other) orchestral concept.

but who knows, maybe the forecoming movements will contain some different sounds…

Well, sure it needs hand tuning later (or modification) but it’s relatively easy. I have tried it once during some experiments with a friend. It was for smaller orchestra than the whole symphonic one, but it worked pretty well, friend only added some little text and notes on the score and off it went.

another chapter of the album has just been released:

Dance of Fallen Angels. This is one where the whole idea really starts to get developed, fusing the main theme with several release moments.

Technical these pieces are very great assembled… with some instruments i miss their position within the harmony (they don’t share the same ambience as if they were recorded in a small room while the rest was recorded in the hall) but in musical sense everything is pretty exciting, no remarks there.

As for the wish for adding synths… it should fit the scene or not, adding synths is very risky when using orchestral music. Doing a subtile background ambience with a synth can make a very beautiful combination. Any foreground additions may spoil the whole surrounding.

As usual, some technically astounding stuff. And considering it’s done with plain old samples (I assume), I can only speculate at the amount of skillful programming gone into these pieces. I agree with vV about the ambience of some of the sounds not quite matching up, but I couldn’t do any better ;)

all the three parts have been composed using EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Gold (PLAY Edition) for ensembles and Garritan Gofriller Cello and Garritan Stradivari Violin, all of which are sample-based VST plugins.

yes, there is lots of work under this beast, and more is to came, however the entire project is stored in a single XRNS which at the moment is 124 patterns long :)

I have just released the fourth part. see the first post above :)

Looking forward to hearing the next part, no other Renoise composer evokes quite the movie-like experiences that your music does :slight_smile:

About using “synth” sounds in orchestral music, I think it’s a healthy attitude not to “do it just because you can”.
It could easily become like a Wagner score, with a symphonic orchestra, huge choir and a church organ on top of it…too much, really :wacko:

I have just released the fifth part: Ashes, which is a logical consequence of the previous part, “Flames” :)

the suite is now completed, as the finale has been released: Funeral

Way to go It-Alien, congratulations!!

Listening. Used Kontakt with somekind of library, am i wrong?

everything has been made with EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Gold PLAY Edition except the solo violin and solo cello, which are Garritan Stradivari and Garritan Gofriller respectively.

Symphonic Orchestra uses a VST sampler made by EastWest, while Garritan plugins rely on Kontakt technology