New Italodance Big Hit! (made With Renoise)

new italodance big hit! - stefy nrg, manovale sonoro, dj satomi, sander dj and danijay

Stefy NRG - I Need My Music


A song written by the Italian famale dj called “Witch Of Mixer” Stefy Energy sung by the Famale Voice of Silvia Pirani and the Male Rap of Dj Nick.
There are five versions for five different atmospheres.
In addition to the Klub Mix there are some special versions: the first made by Danijay with his unmistakable reverse effect, the second is an European remix made by Sander, it sounds a little bit electronic the third Remix made by Dj Satomi and the last remix, made by Manovale Sonoro, is sweet and melodic . That song is made to make everybody dance will hit all dance lovers’s hearts!


Official web-site:

Official web site:

Written by Stefania Finessi
Vocals by Silvia Pirani, Rap by DJ Nick
Arranged & Mixed by DJ Stefy Energy & Sander @ Sander’ Studio - Roma

  • Sander Remix - Remix & Additional Production by Alessandro “Sander” Biriaco
  • Danijay Remix - Remix & Additional Production by Danijay
  • DJ Satomi Remix - Remix & Additional Production by DJ Satomi
  • Manovale Sonoro Remix - Remix & Additional Production by Manovale Sonoro