New Jungle? Track

i’m workin on this new track but i don’t know what elephant man is saying…can anybody translate for me?

also, what genre would this be considered??

no clue :P … realy nice oldschool sound! i like it :) … its breakbeat imo.

why so short? Nice jungle trissle

It’s Pemp Jung-lo Rev. 2.4 to be exact.

And he’s saying “Rhubarb catch a Zune upon my return …[unintelligible]… Lecker!”

yeah something about rhubarb.

its jungle-ish, then again its more jungly than techy dnb.

dont worry about genres mate.

i’d like to hear the whole track when its done.

sounds great, keep on the good work :)
very jungle-ish indeed!

haha thanks everybody…i’ll post it when it’s done, just wanted to make sure it wasn’t offensive or whatever :)

You never know with those jamaicans. One song can be about loving everyone, and the other can be about gunning down homosexuals. :unsure:

That sounds lovely to me. :yeah: Just make it longer! (as if that isnt said :rolleyes: )

very hard to understand the jamaican accent… i sampled elephant man with some heavy and fast breakbeats and the only thing i can say… it’s about anal sex ^^ (cock up ya bumpa, cock up ya bumpa, you’re broughter than the escalade you’re rounder than the tundra…) :yeah:

rhubarb anal sex ?


no, i didn’t mean the vocals with rhubarb ;)

You may be able to find the exact translation in here.