New Korg Nanos

Korg just announced a refresh to the Nano Series - they look neat:

Very tidy !

Bluetooth even thats badassed …if your laptop or mobo has it (Macs do)

I always wanted a nanokey. Got an M-audio o2 instead and I hardly ever use it :frowning:

Not sure if I like the new nanokey studio thing though, it looks like they just combined the nanokey and the nanopad, into something that is bigger and therefore possibly less convenient.

Dunno, I might still get a nanokey2 though .

A quick note regarding the Bluetooth part - it might not be so easy: As per the specs from the product page, the nano studios in wireless mode are doing “MIDI over Bluetooth Low Energy”. For that you need a Bluetooth 4.0 adapter (if I got it correctly).

On the Linux side, it looks like upstream work is underway with some level of success:

But nothing ready for public consumption that I could find so far…so this could still be years away for mainstream distros.

And yeah, looking at the new designs a bit closer, there’s actually nothing that compelling - they are also bigger, and we don’t know the pricing yet.

For good keys, this one looks more useful

Then u got to power the thing Batteries or USB so maybe the Bluetooth may seem gimmicky ? I don’t know , I still think it’s cool like to see how it works !

Never though I’d want something like this, but, interestingly enough, I do now. Release in april though.

Curious what, if anything, Elektron will come out with … but it would make life much easier if they didn’t release any new hardware this year. :stuck_out_tongue: I guess we’ll know in a couple days!

Short NAMM 2016 video by SoS: —> $150.

Even if volcas weren’t really interesting for me, this seems to change my attitude:

EDIT: Ok no VSTi editor kind of sucks for my workflow

EDIT: Offtopic, and this:

It’s the first small w/ aftertouch!

Update: The new nanos showed up on Thomann at 149 euros:

Not too bad, but not super compelling either.

If you exclude the fancy stuff (wireless, blinken lights), you can get the 3 x nano2 + usb hub for the price of 1.