New Kw - Orblack

it’s in the songs section called “orblack.”

feedback…do it if ya feel like it

What genre? Can’t search through that section, can’t list by author either, and other people have posted after you.

Tip next time; Direct link to mp3/xrns, people tend to get lazy online. ;)

That’s not lazyness. It usually would take the poster as much time (usually less) as it would take a reader to dig out the necessary info. But there is just one poster, and several readers. Do the math.

my bad yall… ORBLACK

well what to say ? i’m turning into a fan. another great tune !! replay … could use a slightly faster bpm i think… heh :ph34r:

Woa, :drummer: stuff there!!
Good to hear I’m not the only one who’s crazy! B)

I see/hear what you’re trying to do here, stylewise :) Annoyed me a little after a while, all those arbritary stabs…the beat that you dropped in after a few minutes was a good move, spicing it up. Still, it didn’t move me enough to the point of neck-ache, please add more roughness.

yes i agree it could def be better…this was kind of a “rescued” track, from the days when i didn’t really know what i was doing, but made some cool sounds. it is far too much effort to do such a thing, but it was a great learning experience. I’ll be pushing on to some completely new material now :) thanks for the feedback guys