New Le Strum Breakbout Boards!

I’ve just released my first set of PCBs - which break out the sixtyfourpixels Le Strum!

Earlier this year I made a MIDI Leg for a Latvian singer called Elizabete Balcus and foudn the wiring to be a bit a nightmare! Hence these PCBs.

Best wishes,


Congratulations! You seem to have a productive year in terms of your electronics at least. With that awesome sounding sounding bit crusher you released earlier. Rock on!

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Just the casual way you said " yeah she wanted me to make a midi leg for her." gave me a laugh. great work

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Thanks, its been a difficult year for all of us. These projects have probably kept me…near to sanity! Glad you like them, hopefully more PCBs are on the way soon as well as a couple of other bits. Rock on indeed!

Haha so many people listened to me talk about that MIDI leg, its been normalised for me now. It was a super fun thing to work on, and it glowed in the dark. It was literally glowing in my bedroom every night for one year! Every time i put the light out i was like “shit, i still havent made that leg!!”

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