New Linux Renoise User

I used to use Renoise on Windows. Now I’ve switched to Ubuntu, I’ve noticed to set up plugins, it says “Configure via VST_PATH”.
I have NO idea what this means. Previously, I just browsed or created my own vst folder. I’m lost. Any help would be much appreciated.
PS. I have tried using the command lines in the Linux tutorial and nothing happened. I’m a complete newbie to this command line thing, I might add.

Just create a folder in your home directory called .vst and put your plugins in there.

VST_PATH is an environment variable that tells the system where the VST folder is, but renoise defaults to /home/username/.vst if you don’t set it. Remember, the dot is important - is shows the folder is a ‘hidden’ directory. Your file manager will let you see it if you select a ‘show hidden folders’ option. Plus if you use the command line you can still access the folder: cd .vst will change directory to that folder.

Linux VST plugins are libraries (like windows dlls) except they have the suffix .so

Just remember that you won’t be able to use your windows VSTs directly in linux renoise (won’t mention DSSI-VST wrapper yet, let’s stick to the basics!). You can get linux VSTs here:

And linux versions of TAL plugins here:

And a couple more sites: (there’s a native linux version of Discovery synth)

Don’t forget that linux also has LADSPA and DSSI plugins too! (And LV2, but they’re not support yet)

for a whole bunch of LADSPA plugins, check out the Audacity website

Thanks so much for your help. I’m especially happy to see a linux version of the TAL plugins. Elek7ro!
Thanks again.