New Linux Renoise User

I used to use Renoise on Windows. Now I’ve switched to Ubuntu, I’ve noticed to set up plugins, it says “Configure via VST_PATH”.
I have NO idea what this means. Previously, I just browsed or created my own vst folder. I’m lost. Any help would be much appreciated.
PS. I have tried using the command lines in the Linux tutorial and nothing happened. I’m a complete newbie to this command line thing, I might add.

Just create a folder in your home directory called .vst and put your plugins in there.

VST_PATH is an environment variable that tells the system where the VST folder is, but renoise defaults to /home/username/.vst if you don’t set it. Remember, the dot is important - is shows the folder is a ‘hidden’ directory. Your file manager will let you see it if you select a ‘show hidden folders’ option. Plus if you use the command line you can still access the folder: cd .vst will change directory to that folder.

Linux VST plugins are libraries (like windows dlls) except they have the suffix .so

Just remember that you won’t be able to use your windows VSTs directly in linux renoise (won’t mention DSSI-VST wrapper yet, let’s stick to the basics!). You can get linux VSTs here:

And linux versions of TAL plugins here:

And a couple more sites: (there’s a native linux version of Discovery synth)

Don’t forget that linux also has LADSPA and DSSI plugins too! (And LV2, but they’re not support yet)

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for a whole bunch of LADSPA plugins, check out the Audacity website

Thanks so much for your help. I’m especially happy to see a linux version of the TAL plugins. Elek7ro!
Thanks again.

Hi, after reading this, I immediately went for a search for that elusive .vst folder in my pop!OS. Ctrl H reveals hidden files, but there seems to be no file by that name.
I’m stuck within one of the official beginner videos that tell me to “put Redux into the vst folder (of your Renoise)”.
I’ve just extracted the contents into the Sample folder of Renoise and a few others, so I can access some of the extra synths that come with Redux when I open Renoise, however I miss any visible program to run.
So, when I click Renoise in its folder, it will execute Renoise, but when I go into the Redux folder, there is no executable. What am I missing?
Since I am pretty chaotic, I’ll try and rephrase my questions:

  1. Where is the vst folder they are talking about?
  2. How do I get the shiny Redux keyboard and all its functions to execute within Renoise?

if the .vst-folder does not exist in your home-folder just go ahead and create it.

Thank you, I’ll try that now, see what happens.

Did that, and I can access it with renoise. However, it is the same as the other places where I’ve put it. It still does not open any discernible actual distinct program. Like a keyboard named renoise and all these options, it just shows me folders full of filter chains, synths, etc.

You can use LV2 plugins on Renoise by using Carla Rack vst plugin version and load the LV2 to the rack.
Carla can also run windows VSTs if you install necessary libraries, but that road might be relatively bumpy.

Thank you for your reaction, my level is insufficient to understand a single word of what you just wrote. I just want the redux program to pop up with a clear keyboard with Redux in big friendly letters on it and then go from there :slight_smile:
Oh I see what is going on:
I thought it might not pose a problem reacting in a thread that is 11 years old, but I reckon I might need to make a new one, since you seem to be reacting to the original thread.

For all with the same problem, not only does one have to create that .vst folder in the place Renoise expects it to be, but also create another connection in Jack, at least that’s what I did, now, when checking the plugins with Renoise, Redux finally shows up.
Yes baby. Thanks all.

Edit: Amazing: forgot the essential part of this O.O
Within Renoise,
it will say under Preferences: Plug/Misc: Audio Plugins:
Enable VST2 and vst3 plugins. Those boxes need to be ticked.