New Liquid Dnb Tune - "it's Love"

Hi all,

tune i done last week… i used renoise without any vst instruments or fx, just samples.


Wow, nice and smooth.

Intro is obviously for mixing, but could be a bit more varied, beat drop at 1:07 with distorted kicks is pretty awesome, female vocal is nice, bass line is all in the sub range, not for the ipod earphones, proper mix. A bit too repetitive for my taste, but sounds great, hope it goes over well in the club.

Thanks for your comment Conner :)

Don’t want to be mean, but… DON’T USE MEDIAFIRE. Grrr.

The song itself is very enjoyable. Sound is great, could use bit more variation in sound though. I would play a bit with those breaks and add variations to the texture.

we were debating weather we should add more variation but we liked the way it rolled… guess we will change a few bits… back to renoise :w00t:

How many people while dancing to a DNB tune near maximum volume will appreciate a little variation while they are under the influence of <insert drug/drink of choice here> ?

I think from a club standpoint this is fantastic. I can see this going over very well.

I would definitely add some more variation with the beat itself. At 3:29 I was just totally left hanging. It would have been a nice chance to makes things a bit more hectic.

I am hard to please though often putting things into songs that people would probably consider a train wreck in a club. Me things this nice little melody beat and then just have it drop and destroy shit.

I always like when I hear something really nice and melodic in the blink of an eye turn sinister.

I think I have a song idea today… hmmm. Loading renoise…

Oh and nice little subtle changes with the melody. Just enough to keep my interested.

Great job overall!

I’d love to listen to some liquid dnb but I can’t download it via mediafire. :(

Still a work in progress, some changes from the original… i wasnt gonna use myspace because of the rubbish sound quality but i found a way to embed another mp3 player so its all good.