New Live Track

Really liked it, commented. :walkman:
The only thing I’ll mention, are the envelopes in the beginning. Somewhere at 0:18 they are too deep, I think. At first I was confused and thought it’s my computer lagging. ;)

very intense one, I like it

We recorded this with shitty dj mixer that we found on flea market and shitty iriver t30 it can be just some artefact, I dunno actually what is this :D

Did you get Renoise on the t30???

Haha, well full setup was: 2 laptops, 2 renoises, 2 korg nano controls, mixer and mp3 player. We used only native dsp’s btw.

Thank you, appreciate )

I was just curious about the mp3 player’s role in the game. :)

Very good track :) Great live playing ;)

Sounds like a Satie remix :), I like that you waited almost 3 minutes to introduce the bass, nice piano work near the end. Good job.