New LP made soly with Renose

So this is my LP Uncanny Valley, released today made solely using Renoise as DAW. - Spotify

I have used an plethora of VST-plugins in this project and I have found it challenging. The Instr. MIDI Control makes it bearable to work with VSTs, but still I feel it’s a challenge. Do you feel the same about VSTs or is it smooth sailing?


I cant listen on Spotify, as i refuse to support their industry killing, artist disrespecting and commodification of music ways. Is there anywhere else to listen to this?


Smooth sailing so far. And I barely need to use “Instr. MIDI Control”.

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I can agree with this. Hope you enjoy listening to it on Youtube instead. Thanks @BriocheBaps for sharing the Youtube link.

Why MIDI control when you need Instrument control for VSTs

Was that a question? Through the Instrument Midi Control you can in most instances get more control over the instrument, like slides for instance. If you e.g. listen to the S:t Anna tune on my LP you can hear the flute sliding downward at the end of almost all played notes. This was done using the Midi Control

Sorry for not being clear enough

What I say is there is “Instr. Automation” device which dedicated for controlling VST instruments (it can control every parameter of your VST e.g. Pitch tune or activating\adjusting Slides\Glides)
While “instr. MIDI Control” could be used to control VSTs also but is more handy for controlling external instruments

I will have a look at that. :+1:

Wow, you didn’t know about “Instr. Automation”? No wonder that you’re having troubles using VSTs. Check it out and I’m pretty sure that all your troubles in terms of VSTs will be history.

That’s not my name, but anyway, you’re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:
Btw, did you manage to get your Omnisphere crackling troubles under control?

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Man, that was beautiful :+1:
LIstened on Youtube, because no Spotify here either.