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I have been using the Renoise demo for a while now and have been impressed enough to register!

Just a few things that I think could make the program a little better:

  • An “initial” button on DSP sliders etc to reset each slider to its default setting which could speed things up after making mistakes moving sliders (i.e. when experimenting).

  • A border added at the beggining and end of the sample window in the sample editor. When trimming samples it is sometimes difficult to tell if you are trimming the full amount you want, as the window stops before the ending of the black background.

  • An option when scrolling through patterns manually to go to the beggining of each pattern (line 00) as you scroll. This would be particularly useful when creating patterns of differing length. With the current system if you scroll in looped mode from the end of a pattern of half length (32 lines) to a full pattern, you end up playing halfway down that pattern (line 32).

  • a couple of possible bugs
  • When playing a song in AD mode before rendering to find optimum render level, I have noticed the master volume slider follows master track volume envelopes. I had faded out the song over the last 2 patterns and the master volume slider followed the fade leaving me with less than the optimum value for rendering.

  • When running renoise in windowed mode or normal mode the computers volume control is disabled. Don`t know if this is deliberate but would be useful if was able to control.

P.S. Thanks for a great piece of software taktik + co. a lot more friendly than cubase etc!

ex OctaMED user (yes was still using an Amiga up to 6 mths ago!)

you can already

copy/paste/init/save DSP chains (Advanced Edit => TrackSettings)


copy/paste/init single DSP elements (Track DSPs => Current)

I think you may find this useful.

By the way: are you that VIEWFINDE who went on the chat yesterday?
In both case, welcome to paradise :yeah:

Thanks for the tip on that point It-Alien, answers the request partially but there doesn`t seem to be control for individual sliders. Individual reset control would be great. However this info has helped none the less!

Afraid I wasn`t on the chat yesterday, have only posted above post as Ledger!

Thanks for the welcome and if this is paradise then I hope the programming lasts an eternity! :D

P.S. I like the way that RC1 seems to have some sf2 support (loads whole soundfont into one sample slot). Hopefully full support will follow shortly (unless I have missed something in the setup alredy!)

the only DSP you can reset is LFOdevice, by using x600 on the track, where x is the ordinal position of the LFOdevice to reset in the DSP chain.

about SF2 support: there is no SF2 support: you are able to load “all samples in one slot” because now you can load raw samples, which basically means you can load images, executables, viruses, mails, text files an whatelse and use their daat as they would have been sounddata, just as FT2 lets you do.
the reason because you can hear all of the SF2 samples is that they are no compressed or scrambled in any way, so ReNoise produces sound when loading the SF2 file.

Thanks for quick reply + info there. Now the wiser I shall rephrase the above from “sf2” to “raw sample” . Still of use to me! :)