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I’m super excited about learning this program. It’s really unique and i’ve never used anything like it. Right now I’m just using the demo, but I’m hoping to purchase the full license by the end of June.

I’m a Reaper user and I’m looking forward to seeing how the two programs will function together. Some of the way it works is really different, so it can get kind of confusing sometimes, but learning any new DAW is always a pain in the butt. Anyways, it’s a cool program, just thought i’d share my excitement.



I’m also a Reaper user. I compose in Renoise but use Reaper for live recording; editing samples (usually from my live recording); altering pitch/tempo of samples; applying some final EQ and compression for final release of my Renoise tracks.

Both Renoise and Reaper work with Rewire. Reaper also offers ReaRoute, which is similar to rewire but behaves a bit differently. I’ve been using it to record from Renoise into Reaper.

With Renoise, you learn a new DAW, yes, but you also learn the best Tracker ever!! :drummer: