New Meta Device - Calc

having a device with two input values and a single output value with a selectable operator + - * / would be awesome in addition to the hydra device when creating funny effect chains…

yep, having similar algorithmic operators as in Max/Msp would make some nice experimentation when routing parameter values.

I imagine you would be able to do this with an Meta Script device.

Is that some planned feature? Sounds awesome, although a little tricker than what I suggested…

Yeah some kind of scripting feature is planned, I don’t how it’s to be implemented but I suppose it makes sense as an meta device, but we have to see what the Renoise team dish out.
And yes, it’s trickier to use than a finished meta device, now thinking about it, it would be awesome if you could skin your meta scripts, making the scripts more accessible, just with the standard sliders, input fields and what else there is.

The scripting thing is an offline process, right? How would that work with dsp/vst parameter values that change realtime over time?

See that’s a really good question! I don’t know why I thought it could run in a meta device, maybe this is not possible.

That would be pretty cool. But instead of just selecting an operator, wouldn’t it be better to be able to write in your own math problem? And why stop at two inputs? Why not make 3 or 4?

2(a+ B)/(b-c)=d

Could easily be combined with this suggestion…