New Mixer Button Bitmaps

Hy there…

I just love using Renoise, and I was just wondering that is there anyway to get more “customization” access to users?
I mean, for example, can I change the fader buttons in the mixer?

You can change the theme/skin/colour settings via: Preferences > Theme

But many of the theme settings are more general and apply to all areas of Renoise. For example, you can change the colour of the mixer fader buttons (Theme > Main > Button_Back), but you will also be changing the colour of every other button in Renoise since they are connected to the same value.

Renoise already comes with a lot of custom themes which you can load via Disk Browser > Themes, so perhaps there is something there that you will enjoy.

Thanks for the quick answer, I know that there are many themes.
In case I don’t have any problems with the default theme, I just found the mixers fader buttons too…hm…to simple :D
I know that there are small TIFF images inside the software, for mouse icons example, I just loved to add this feature, to replace the buttons with your own.
I know that there are a lot of DAWs, but any of them have this feature, so I think this would be unique…
Just think about it, you could replace the buttons with real hardware photo buttons, or something like this…

I will make a mockup tomorrow, (also for my other request about the MIDI velocity showing in the mixer), and will post it.

All in all, I like the colors, but that button is sooo simple for me. I like to see more “hardware” like, “vintage” buttons in ther software :D

i like the idea simply because i enjoy customizing the hell out of everything. if there were like an XML behind the GUI which could be changed globally as is possible now, but can also be changed on individual items (because the link to the used image for a mixer slider is stored in the XML), that would be great.
i’m not sure what the exact use of it would be except prettifying things, so not sure how high i would put this one my feature request list…

If you can tell me where is that button implemented in the default.xml theme file, I will replace and post the result :D

So, as I promised, here are my versions of the mixer. Looks more professional :D

(I used the buttons from Pro Tools 7 and Pro Tools 8. With the buttons from 7 looks more better, I think. (Version 1))

The first channel in both pictures could be the MIDI channel, shows only the velocity amount, so they don’t need 2 LED indicators, only one.

What do you think? :D

OK, you can call me a maniac, but I just played with the idee :D
I’ve some freetime in the office, so I mixed up the buttons of other DAWs with Renois’s mixer. There are some nice results, but for me, the PT button is the winner :D

with Ardour button…

with Pro Tools 7 button…

with Reaper button…

with Reason button…

with Record button…

with Samplitude button…

and with an Unknown button (Google search :D )…

hahaha i had no idea there actually was a default.xml theme file! glad i could help, even though i didn’t know it. cool examples by the way, i like it.

Just resized the PT button…
Jesus, looks sooooo lovelyyyyy. :D

Could you add this to 2.7? Or is it too late to implement?

Looks cute

i was thinking the exact same thing.

Totally agree.

Guys, I wont change the main software, I just want an “option” to customize it to my taste. Thats all. If you dont like “hardware” like buttons, then you can change it to a rubber duck, or dont change it, it depends on you…

Let’s not do that. I see only problems rising and wasting important time of the developers.

I think this “mod” not stole much time, but maybe I’m wrong.


You can probably just do this nicely with a shell script that just places the .png/.jpg’s in a specific sub-folder ;)

Hm…interesting. Could you explain this to me?

There is no button image that you can actually replace. Like many of the other buttons and simple interface elements in Renoise’s GUI, the mixer handles are created dynamically according to your current theme settings. Pretty much the only thing you can change here is the shading and textures used by the theme, but you cannot replace the entire button with something else.

Nothing else in Renoise has really been designed with this visual style in mind (ie. like real hardware), so why should the mixer handles?

Why not? :D:D:D