New Music Tune…ssedabubble.mp3

Here’s a new one I made in 1.9.1 that features chip-style midget melodies. threw in some vocals and some guitar at the end for good measure. any feedback is appreciated
also, this is like the first track I made that for some reason when I play it in winamp, I don’t see anything at all in the EQ visualation box. (usually i have the problem where I see way to may bass and not enough treble movement happening in the eq vis.) Does know how to ‘master’ the track so that wherever it’s played, the eq visualation bars will more mostly even all across?


It has a nice weird athmosphere i like. The lead sound is a bit boring and could be maybe filtered at some places. The song is heavy out of phase and when fixing it with the PSP Stereo Controller the right channel is to loud compared to the left. You really need to fix this in your XRNS, i guess you’ve used a lot of stereo widening?

ah, yeah I didn’t think to check if both sides (L and R) were even. but yeah I did ‘widen’ a couple of the instruments and perhaps i have overdone it.