New Native Effect Idea, S950 Emu

just did this:

the on/off turns the 12bit on or off

and the crunch will toggle a light-overdrive & compression effect.

good? i reckon so!!

the s950 is refering to the old akai machine

meta devices should be designed with multipurpose in mind (i.e.: would every user find this useful once in his life?).

also, definitions such as “light-overdrive & compression” make no sense at all in devices: there at least should be a parameter to precisely define how much overdrive and compression should be applied. “S950” could be the name of a preset for such a device…

that said, you can already obtain this effect with LoFiMat + Compressor, so I really don’t see the need for something like this.

First of all, it would be nice if you could fix that screenshot since it’s 3411 x 768 pixels! The image of your screen itself only uses 1024x768 of that… so why such a huge image? Why not simply crop it to exactly the area of Renoise that you wanted to show, like this:

See how much easier that is for everybody? :D

Anyway, honestly I don’t think this is a very good idea for a native effect. And the reason why? Because it is already possible to do exactly what you want by combining some of the existing native effects. Namely: Lofimat + Distortion (on subtle settings) + Compressor.

What you have suggested is a very specific device/model. It’s just my opinion but I do not think this is a good idea for Renoise. What if I want 8-bit instead of 12-bit? What if I want more “crunch” or less “crunch”, or a different type of “crunch”? What if I suddenly want a totally different piece of hardware to be “emulated”? What if other people all want their favourite pieces of hardware emulated? It will quickly turn into a mess.

The best and most flexible design for everybody is to have a nice collection of generic (but powerful/flexible) native devices which can be combined together to build the sound you are looking for. You have already described how this S950 sounds/works, so you obviously understand what is necessary to recreate that sound… so why not simply use the tools which already exist in Renoise?



:o FINE i’ll just do it the long way, but it takes too much time to set it up right

Oh come on, dude. Set it up once, save the DSP Chain to disk, then you never have to set it up ever again… simply reload it from disk. :)

and the time it takes for you to perform a specific task still is not a good reason for taktik to perform it on behalf of you :)

ah damn yeah! forgot about you could save the chain, ok
check this out

load it as yer DSP chain, i think it’s nice and phat.

edit: link fixed, but you have to change it to .xrnt…;products_id=32
freeware for osx

can’t help you with s950 impulse but have a look here possibly
Free impulse