New Neuro... No Neuro pre-release on Audiobulb Records

Proudly a Renoise-only production. All samples generated with various synthesizers (many posted/shared here in other posts). No VST/AU effects, all internal Renoise effects until final mastered version in Reaper.


lovely stuff as always :+1:

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Thank you! March 2nd, and very excited to be using Renoise still to create these albums. Awaiting the next release, fingers crossed that I’ll get at least some of my requests, so I can do even more natively.


Cool! Can you do it again… and again? :slight_smile:

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@nx7 The world may never know… :smiley:

really interesting, @Neuro_No_Neuro ! great work.

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@jspreis thank you very much! Happy you have enjoyed it :slightly_smiling_face: