New note action using a VST?

When using a sample, it is possible to set the NNA (new note action) in the sampler to:

  • Note off
  • Continue
  • Cut

The problem is, these options don’t work when using a VST. Does anyone know if this is possible somehow? Im using a VST, and i don’t want to have the note cut off when a new note gets played in the same track.

(I know you can add seperate note colums in the same track, which would also prevent the notes from cutting, but i would not like to do this if there’s a better way.)

With VSTi’s its always a Note Off. You need to a second note column on the track:

Edit: I missed your last sentence. As far as i know, a second note column is the only way.

Thanks for the answer,

So, i think we have found something that could be improved/added here. :slightly_smiling_face: