New/old Tool (2.6-3.0): Find And Replace In Pattern

It’s tricky to penetrate all details of the code, but commenting out row 516-518 seems to work? Maybe it will break something else. :slight_smile:

--    if found_match then
--      break
--    end

I was figuring on making a modification myself joule, but somehow I didn’t fancy it because of the amount of modification that was made (can we assume danoise here? :slight_smile: ) between the two versions. Also maybe if you do make a modification like as you suggest above what I think will happen is that that the ‘Find Next’ button will kinda break (unfortunately). I think it’ll just jump to the last match not the next match. As you say it is tricky to debug/follow (I wish there was a better debugging system in place so you can breakpoint and see variables…)

Sidenote: The way in which I would’ve gone about it is not so heavy on pattern iteration (that’s just me though), and maybe also considered putting in a co-routine system just in case the user asks for a particularly time consuming request with a large song to try and avoid the dreaded ‘10 second’ dialog :slight_smile:

It’s been a while since this was updated last. Would it be possible for it to search/replace notes AND effects instead of one or another? Like, converting all 0M80 in effect column to 40 in volume column.

Would it be difficult to change in the code? Thanks.