New/old Tool (2.6-3.0): Find And Replace In Pattern

An old tool which was on the Renoise tool pages since Renoise 2.6.
Never posted it here in the forums but have updated it for 2.8 now:

A tool for finding & replacing raw pattern data (notes, instruments, fx, …).
Has simple wildcard support and the ability to batch replace.

A few examples:

  • Replace all notes of instrument X with instrument Y
  • Set volume of all C-4 notes of instrument X to 20
  • Change all D-5’s to G-4’s
  • Find all ZB pattern break commands in the song
  • Delete/change all 0Z tempo commands
    … and so on

Shows up as ‘Find And Replace…’ in the Pattern Editor’s context menu.



very cool!

I really, really love this tool and really, really, really hate the recurring “Script not responding” dialog which makes it unusable for me.

So I would request:

  • Preferably a clickable “Don’t show this warning again” box in the dialog
  • If not, then a updated version of the Find and replace tool which will not
    produce this message all the time.

I understand that there’s more urgent priorities, but hope you will put this issue on the To Do list.

Really useful!

I really like this tool. But somehow i dont get it how the wildcards work within it.

What wildcards can be used and how? I didnt find any hints here or in the tools section on how to use them.

If i’m inserting a “C?” or a “C*” in the volume or the pano slot and a “QA” in the replacement slot i allways get an error message, telling me this wont work and nothing gets replaced.

Everything works fine when searching and replacing “C2” for “Q2” and so on. I’ve seen that an asterisk in the upper slots can be used to search and replace everything with values in the lower slots. But if i try to set a wildcard C* or C? in the above mentioned form i’m getting errors.

Anyone able to enlighten me please? :D

Greets, Afreakana

P.S.: I hope i could show my problem. English isnt my natural language as a german and i left school in '89. heh!

pushing this question a little bit. ;)

I’m still hoping someone will share this with me. Would be such a time safer for me while editing imported midi stuff which has lots of velocity/pano glitches like C6 or Q7 as velocity instead of 66 or 67 for example.

Sorry for the lag. Yay, right now only full notes/instrument values, fx and so on can be “wildcarded”. Indeed would be very useful to find stuff like C-* too. I’ll try to do this some when in an update.

Alternatively, if there are other things you guys would like to have in this tool, someone could take over the tool as well?

Thank you for clearing that only full values can be “wildcarded”. So i was falsly assuming it could allready be done with the actual version. Looking forward to a new version then when you got some time to work on it in the future.

Unfortunately i cant do this myself. I’m just a nurse (working in a clinic) with zero expirience in programming.

I find this tool really useful.

Thank you

awesome tool. i have a suggestion though: it seems it is currently not possible to find-and-replace a Note-Off (OFF). i’d like to do that. for example, to remove all the Note-Offs in a track.

Very cool, thanks a lot !!!

taktik or anyone else…

can you help me to replace note:OFF to: note:—

I would find it very usefull if i had the opportunity to delete all the “note offs” I put on by mistake…

little bump :wink:

A must have for me! I hope it continues its development…

Often, when selecting Track in Song for example, the tool only replaces the instrument number in the first column, not the whole track. I can provide a test song to demonstrate this if you got time to fix this (great) tool.

Just out on a limb: what happens if you keep clicking say ‘Replace All’ button multiple times, does it kinda eventually change more/all of the columns? But I agree, I see your point here.

Nope. Clicking “Replace All” more than once has no effect.

Ok. Just a thought anyhow due to the recursive way this tool is written. Maybe it is best to attach a simple example to make sure to cover your issue in any bug fixing attempt :slight_smile:

The other thing I wanted to mention is (although it seems counter intuitive) is to try the previous version (for Renoise 3.0) of the tool. It should (I think) auto upgrade.

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Thanks for the suggestion. The (auto upgraded) 3.0 version works!

To replicate the bug in the 3.1 version:
Empty song.
Create new column in Track 01.
Enter two instrument 00 notes, one in each column.
Open tool. Enter 01 as Inst in “Replace with”. Select: “Track in Song” in “Search in”.
Click “Replace All”

Result: Only the instrument number of the note in the first column is replaced.

Thanks again!

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Ah I know Drop Shadow, I worked out that that was the issue :slight_smile: The strange thing is though is that if you do what I suggested earlier which is to keep clicking the ‘replace all’ button, it will eventually change both columns in that above scenario (so long as you have 00 in the ‘Find What’ Instrument field that is.) Anyway seems that someone introduced the bug when he/she modified the code :slight_smile: