New Omnisphere Update!!!

Not sure of how many people here own it, but it is a great deep synth to invest in. They haven’t charged for an update yet. This update is very exciting.

I make 90% of my synth samples with either Omnisphere or Reaktor.

-New waveforms
-Moar Mod sources
-New GUI
-New Patches

It’s a Hoover Beast now!!! Wow

Wish I could share samples but the license restricts me from doing so

Maybe it is great synth, but $499 for synth is too much i think :wacko:

i think the same way to expensive i can get reason for 499 and i still have 99 plus reason’s amazing set of synths and effects

it looks awesome indeed

I never had any regrets paying for it. It’s not the end all be all imho however

I bought it so I can stop struggling to get that “professional quality” sound so often. It’s like the Waves plugins bundle of synths hehe…

It does a lot more than what they feature in the demo vids.

The orb with some pitch bending is insane.

Envelopes can almost reach audio frequencies, I used to design waveforms with them before they came out with the wave-tables. Envelope Depth and Speed can be modulated as well, synced, looped, etc.

Just about everything is modulatable, even arp speed and gate

Reason why omnisphere is damn expensive is because of the huge sample library , and of course the eric persing pedigree

The omnisphere presets are pretty impressive. But when it comes down to the pure synthesis, omnisphere seems to me a bit limited and also cluttered in workflow…? Don’t you think?

It might be a huge & expensive sample library but also whats the point of running a 499 dollar vst inside a cheap 68 euros daw?

If I follow your logic …

What’s the point of renoise controlling my ( expensive ) hardware ?

So according to your logic , a daw needs to be more expensive than the instruments it hosts ?


i guess its a good choice for performers o which only care for the musicality and not so much for the sound design

the presets sound huge and pretty professional

but i rarely found myself using just presets to build a song

Limited? Name one synth that isn’t limited in some way.

Workflow? Haven’t had a problem with it until it comes to automation but all my stuff is sample based mostly anyway. Just right click and assign modulation basically.

The sound quality saves a lot of time when it comes to mastering.

More advanced/flexible seem to me:

  • UVI Falcon

  • VPS Avenger (beware of macos version’s instabilities though)

  • Zebra2

That said I find Omnisphere of course not that limiting either. It is more that it feels somehow cluttered, divided into many tabs and semi-hidden sub menus.

I want that Falcon. You got it?

I keep it fairly simple in Omnisphere unless I’m trying to make something inspired by Razor, Harmor, or Reaktor’s Space Drone

I want that Falcon. You got it?

No, only the other two. But I know MachFive a bit and talked to Falcon users. Seems to be a good sampler, too, maybe even Kontakt replacement? I want it, too :stuck_out_tongue: