New Pattern Command To Set Song Markers

Now that the hex in the pattern command system is broken, maybe this is feasible? :

a new pattern command which sets a marker, visible for example when you open up a rendered song in 3rd party software like a .wav editor or video editing software.

Currently Renoise places such markers at every pattern start, which already is great & handy, but it would even be better if you could set these markers at your own intervals imo.


Nice, simple idea. Render options for what markers to use.

Impossible for 2.8 final? B)


I often post-process my Renoise tracks in a wave editor and like to be able to have more control where markers are placed;

…to optionally not have them at every pattern start, like how it is done right now,
…be able to use a new marker pattern-command in the pattern editor to set them at free will.