New people, first post, nice day, by TheSithPanda

Hi! I’m new in this forum, I just began (maybe 5 month ago) to produce!
You may don’t care but I’m a 15 years old french teen and all. I haven’t really a music style, I try everything.

Anyway here’s my new sound and I’ll ask ask you for advice.
If you ask I’ll be pleased to send you the XNRS file!

There it is:

If you’ve got time check my old sounds and give me advices+what you think about it!

Thanks and bye!

welcome! it’s always nice to see new people here.

the only advice i can give you is to choose better titles for your music (not “Dumb455”) and proper genre tags (not “shit” and “shit too”). if you feel that what you have created is “dumb” or “shit” then don’t upload it, don’t share it with other people. noone wants to listen to shit. and believe me … there is A LOT of shitty music on the internet.
what i’m trying ot say is: the most important thing is to respect your own work. of course you can be critical about it but if you have any doubts about a song then go back into Renoise and work on it until you’re confident enough to upload it without calling it “shit”.

This has a really interesting sound…kinda trippy and paranoid. I like it. You are using a nice variety of unique samples. Very original sounding. You also exhibit some pretty proficient rhythm programming skill. Very nice. It would be cool if somewhere in the middle you brought it down to like 1/2 tempo and did like a breakdown or something. Anyway, I will look forward to your future posts. Keep up the nice work!

Madulin: I have tendance to be more than “modest”. I changed what you said to me!
nws: Thank you, I’ll upload more and more!

Pretty nice for start. You french got some strange experimental gene in dna :)