New Processor Questions

I’m getting a new Processor for a computer that I’m going to use primarily for Renoise and other audio applications.

My Question is should I get one with more L2 cache or get one that is faster in terms of MHz? It seems like to me with the amount of memory that is used when playing songs that the cache isn’t going to come much in play.

Also, anybody using Renoise with a QuadCore Processor? I think Quad would work well since I use a lot of VSTs in my songs, but I guess it depends how Renoise works.

Ooohh, also since Renoise is 32bit, if I put in more than 4GB or RAM will it be able to use it if I gots me a 64bit Veasta or XP os.

Thanks y’all.

Renoise will benefit from a Quad. Some users here have already reported performance/benchmark results - it will definately pay off when using renoise.

The size of the L2 is not really that important to renoise (overall) performance of the CPU. there are (for example) some conroe based Core2Duo’s which feature an L2 of 2MB and other having twice the amount.
when clocking both CPU’s identically, you can get a great idea of how much the 2nd level cache comes into play performance-wise, and the differences in the results that i’ve seen are really negligible (delta of 0-3%).

As currently the 2nd-Gen Core2Duo’s are about to arrive in the stores, i’d recommend to wait a few days until the E8400 (2x3.0Ghz, “Wolfdale” Core) or the Q9450 (4x2.67Ghz, “Yorkfield” Core) are more broadly available.

Both CPU’s utilize a 333mhz FSB, so make sure your board is capable to run them beforehand.