New Protracker album

My latest compilation of Protracker songs.

Thanks for listening!


Incredible full sound for limited channels count! Are this 4 channels or 8 channels?

happy tracking :slight_smile:

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Sounds great; 1:30-1:40 was the best bit for me; nice choon!

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It’s 4 channels but a lot of times I combine a bunch of parts into one whole sample. I’m using the Protracker clone on Windows so there are some things I can do that aren’t really possible on an actual Amiga. Lately I’ve been sticking to the real life limitations of the Amiga software/hardware, but most of the tracks on this album are exploiting the extra capabilities of the Windows version. Here’s a little video of the first track on the album:

You can see I’m basically just triggering long samples (made in Renoise!) at the beginning of patterns.

Thanks for the comment!

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