New Rægæ Tune Made Without Renoise

I were in a deep forest , , and first time in my life I wrote down a track in my mind on a paper, because I was so afraid of, about forgetting good lyrics, melody and beat. Thanks to Renoise about being so simple in the end that i can sketch electronic tunes without computer ( also FT2 :confused: ).

So here it goes translated to ASCII:

BeatsPerTrack/TrackLength = 8
Rhythm = 1_34 567_
Melody = 1_24 312_
Base note first part: C#
Base note Second part: C
Lyrics still needs some translation and tweak, first phrase: I am electronic (or Jag är elektronisk or Minä olen elektroninen)

I try to soon release xrns sketch … I just need to get back from the forest and reach my home computer.

= D


Just wanted to let You know that again I ended up to the situation ina forest without electricity with superduper inspiration for tracker music, and still I could take those rhymes with me to work on later …