New release on Future Massive


I’ve a new track out on digital release called Hemispheres. Mine’s the Rootsix one:

Assembled, composed and mixed in Renoise, using a blend of hardware and software.

Happy Christmas & hope you enjoy :slight_smile:



Good one friend really good.Merry Christmas

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Beautiful tune!!! Got me dancing at 2am on a Sunday in the basement studio in Tier 4 on my own. All made in Renoise or a mix? Would love to know what synth you used for the bass and how you did the interesting drum glitch type fx.

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haha that’s brilliant! it’s all assembled in Renoise; I used some hardware (like Oberheim Matrix) and soft-synths like Diva (for the bass). I don’t recall about the glitch effect, but the drums are all samples programmed in Rns.

cheers and happy new year :slight_smile:

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