New Renoise 1.5 Build

Hi all,

today we release the second alpha with lots of bugfixes.

The full version name is “Renoise 1.5a-5 Aug 2004-1”, and we
appreciate if you can specify this version name when you’re
reporting new bugs, so we know right away that you’re not
using the old version.

Right now only a new Windows build is available. OXS release
can be expected within next days.

Threads for bugs we have fixed are marked [fixed] and have
been moved to their own forum section.

It would be nice if you could test again for the bugs
you’ve found, both the [fixed] ones and the open ones.
For the open bugs, please write in the threads you’ve
already made if the bug is fixed or not. For the [fixed]
bugs, make a new thread if it’s still there and tell us so.

We also appreciate if everybody reads the post “Read Me First”
before posting. In case you haven’t noticed, there’s also list
of changes from 1.281 in the thread “What’s New In Renoise 1.5”.

You’re all doing a great job, keep on testing!

Excellent work devs.

Best wishes.

Well, after already some minutes of playing around I came to the result that the stability has greatly improved :)

That R.O.C.K.S. so far :drummer: :guitar: :yeah: :walkman:

a large improvement definitely.
i’m really digging some of the amazing work you guys did. i’m dazzled by that follow automation feature. wicked idea, excellent execution. you’ve created a really intuitive and consistent music-modeling environment.

I should correct me. Yeah it is more stable but for me it is also totally unuseable without working keys :(

ah, well… someone said that it is an alpha right? :rolleyes:

Do we install it replacing the older version, or should we uninstall the older version first?

its safer to uninstall first, but afair a bug was reported which rendered the uninstaller unuseable. just have a look if you can uninstall the previous version (1.5 a1) by using the start menu entry or controlpanel / software.

actually i have tested it without uninstalling the previous version, so both ways should work.

I unisntalled it first. No problems or bugs. :)

ok …

i’ve checked the bugs i’ve wrote down earlier in the other

and well …

the asio with creative audigy2 is working now.
the other problem, directsound @ 96000hz still
ain’t workin like in renoise 1.281 … lil problems.

but the big problem is still the automation import of
1.281 to 1.5 … one of my modules still doesn’t have
the right automations. still sounds strange :C

Does it use cubic interpolation? If so, does it look right?

There was a bug in the cubic interpolation that made it play
very wrong values for certain envelopes (it occured particularly
when there were fast changes in the envelope). This has been
fixed, and we chose to remove the buggy code to improve future
maintainability and simplicity at the cost of less compatibility with
old songs.

i don’t know if i used cubic interpolarion.

i used points as envelopes, tho.

by both tracks where i used automation.

but i’ll check out the new alpha now.