New Renoise Battle

when is the next renoise battle thingy ?

the BeatBattle is being organized on special occasions, such as the release of a new major version, so the answer to your question is most likely: “when a new major version will be released” :)

great !!

How is it announced ? Via mail ? via the forums or on the main page? I wanna battle :-)) :-))

ps: first time though

we will spread the news via mail, front page, tracked music sites, forum, …

you should get the news :)

I’m looking forward to the next BeatBattle as well.
In the meantime, check out the Soundevotion Competition. :)

ahhh, beat me to it!!

Ok great ! Bookmarked.

To bad the competition has now endend. Meaning , they are now at the voting rounds.

I’ll need to check it later on .
Thanks for the link

it runs every 3 weeks, so the new tracking round will start immediately after voting, which means this coming sunday!

Missed the previous round myself, won’t miss the next. :) is currently doing a remix contest :) Some sort of battle, though…

Good luck sagosen :lol:

I guess in my first battle I’ll be battleing against you :blink:

Spare me a bit will you :slight_smile: don’t cast level 30 breakbeats or level 75 ritme on my soul :unsure: hehe

Thanks for the thought djio. :)
Thibaut Fernagut: If you create a login and opt yes for Notifications, you will receive an email when the next round begins.