New Renoise Blog And Contest

In a form of gratitude to the Renoise team, I make a Renoise blog to promote this wonderful software.
My idea is making covers of different styles to show the capabilities of Renoise.
It will be cool to the current users because we can learn a lot making these covers; for example, the first competition:

Reverse engineering the Aphex Twin song Vordhosbn. A very deep and interesting song to make in Renoise.
The blog will be in Spanish too (my language)

Renoise blog

“Aphex Twin, Radiohead, Moby, Bob Dylan” (seen on your blog) :guitar:
I like the idea. But everyone has to redo Vordhosbn at the same time? Why not make a cover competition with a gift for the best cover? :huh:


I’ll provide the limo and ladies.

The idea is to show how you can do Vordhosbn in Renoise. But if you want to make your own version, not the exact copy, its alright, and cool too. Besides that, it will be good to have a very similar thing to show, & analyze the song in the forum.
About the gift, I’m in the other side of the world (Argentina) :wacko: , it is difficult to send a gift hehe.

Maybe drawing (someone already did it!) or a bunch of homemade samples, legal MP3, paypal… It can add some spices. ;)

OK, I will think something! Homemade samples sounds good, I listen to very weird music :w00t:

I will star the reverse ingeenering discussion on the trhead, help is needed!
This Aphex twin song is very deep, it has many different levels. I think a break reinforced with single hits form the beat, but witch break and witch hits (808,909,acustic?). Some sounds are very metallic, I hear 3 synth sounds in the melody, one quiet and “nostalgic”, other more like a piano ( a real tweaked piano?) and the third is more like a lead. Then the bass.