New Renoise Cheat Sheet

Hi everyone,

I have been working on learning Renoise over the past few months in my spare time, but have become really frustrated at learning the pattern effect commands. I’m not good at memorization, so I was constantly alt-tabbing between Renoise and my web browser. The current cheat sheet is good, but a little sparse on commands, so I made a new one, located here:

It is extremely lightweight and not colorful at all, just conveys the information all in one page, taken straight from the Renoise manual.

I hope you find this helpful. Admins, if you like it, please drop it to your server as I’m not sure how much bandwidth I have with this hosting.



i guess you’ve learnt them by heart now but since you were alt-tabbing: you do know that there is a quite handy dropdown list (called “FX”) beneath the pattern editor, eh? (=

nice work!

hi josh!

i dont know which version of renoise do you use, but since 2.5 there is a small FX menu were you can see all the pattern effects. its directly under the pattern editor (vol, pan, dly)-> FX (with a dropdown menu).



maes was faster :D

the keyboard shortcut list don’t seem to work in Google Chrome.
and I think it’s real creditable that he made a very good printable version.

Reminds me at old times when I had such a plasticized paper beside my trusty Amiga.

The one thing I always planned to do but never did, until the fx menu was introduced. Nice job tho’ :)

Thanks Josh, I can definitely make use of this.


Someone already did this for us bud. In fact He made it for the Renoise group and its already made with the “fold here” line and everything… I have it in front of my computer right below my monitor =D

Thanks for the attempt tho. I like this one aswell…



I think you missed what OP wrote - “The current cheat sheet is good, but a little sparse on commands, so I made a new one”.

Josh, thanks a lot, your cheat-sheat is on my desktop now :)


[/center]Oh I TOTALLY did =D Sorry guys!!! Nice attempt (I was at work before so I couldn’t look at it but wrote it off as possibly the same…). Checked it out and it is a little more indepth… Thaks bro +1!!![center]
[/center]edit: Sorry for the mix up never really ment to crit. anyones work =D

Is there a mirror or can anyone reupload this one?


you could also try my own cheatsheet, has a bit more stuff added i think and probably most of the same functionality:

Yes, yours is indeed very nice and complete (except for the MIDI commands - maybe you want to integrate them as well?), but unfortunately also very printer unfriendly :slight_smile:

Very good, thanks for this.

yeah, i made that overview some time ago, when starting with Renoise and i wasn’t even beginning to think about MIDI back then. i might have some use for them in the future as well, so i’ll put it on my todo-list. i’ll see if i can build a printer-friendly link as well… i don’t print this stuff, just keep it digital, so that’s why it is absent.

This one is quite long time available:
It doesn’t contain the midi effect commands though

Nor the effects for the volume and pan column :)

But yes, that seems indeed to be the most printer friendly.

I don’t have anything bad to say about this, I tried to think of something but this is cool.

cheat sheet

i just posted in my original cheat sheet thread. i added printable versions and added the midi-commands to those versions as well.
these do not have ‘fold here’ lines and stuff, they just fit nicely onto an A4 page, leaving you with enough space for notes and stuff maybe. i don’t know. see what you do with it, since i won’t be using it myself.