Renoise Cheat Sheet

hi all.

in the time i’ve spent using Renoise, i built up a personal Cheat Sheet or reference for Renoise. i added things whenever i found something useful on the forums, so i could have it all in one place. the original version of this was in MS Excel. however, for reasons entirely unclear to me, i suddenly felt the urge to have it in a different format, and figured that format would be HTML+CSS+PHP. in other words, i built it into a website.

now, aside from the fact that it looks a lot better, i thought it might benefit fellow Renoise users as well. therefore, i am linking it in this thread. everyone can feel free to make suggestions for things to add, and it might grow out to be a great resource that has some useful stuff in one place, and maybe saving some of you from doing tedious forum searches just to find out what that one website was with the list of note-frequencies or something like that.

if you find it useful, it would be nice if you would post a reply here. that’s all the ‘credit’ i want.

you can find it here:
(currently having DNS troubles, here’s a working link:

i hope someone finds this as useful as i do.

oi, looks hot! thanks! (:

maybe add that rather nifty vibrato trick that bit_arts posted about here: Fully Automatable Vibrato

apropos what’s under inspiration: read that captain beefheart died this past thursday :<

thanks, had forgotten about that one! i’ll put it in tommorrow i think.

i did not really know captain beefheart that well but read that list on analogindustries and thought it would be useful.

updated the tips and tricks with the vibrato and dblue’s native mono-synth as well.

Very cool.

Im really sad :(
He was pretty unique.

updated tips&tricks with the native sorta-comb filter.

Keyboard Frequency View inside a Track xrns.

Although there’s dBLue’s tuned filter, I use this as an overall view and checkpoint.

Not meant to be heard since I’ve used Vol, Pan, and Delay to place the numbers in. “A” in a Vol, Pan, or Delay column means a point or dot.

For example: C-400 261A63 = 261.63

If you like, you can add checkpoints for Sub Bass, Bass, Midrange, High Mids, and High Frequencies from this interactive frequency chart.

Looks nice

I am bookmarking that page. It’s so good.

RIP Captain Beefheart. He was completely right about that. I think too much.

@00.1 : i’ll look into that and see if i fully understand how it works. often with these things i am having trouble grasping it. over my head :)

@Thomas & Internet: thanks, glad you like and use it.

just added links to ‘printable’ versions of the pattern effects, including the midi-commands. they come in 3 styles: full colour, black on white and white on black. i suppose black on white should be the most popular, as you can take out your pencils and colour it in yourself.

the midi-commands have not been added to the on-site pattern effects, i don’t really know why. if you want me to anyway, let me know, i’ll see what i can do.

here’s the URL again for if you forgot:

added links to PWM Oscillator by steven:
and the ‘more tuned devices’ by dblue:

also, for those tips/tricks that the poster provided an xrns-file for, i downloaded that file and uploaded it on my own server just in case a download-link in a forum thread breaks. furthermore, i credited most of the tips to the original poster, with a link to the user-page on the forum, as well as a link to the forum-thread in the cases where that was not present yet.

hope people still find this useful. i recently figured out it functions pretty well as a link to various cool tricks posted in the forums, for when you are having trouble finding a certain something.

if anyone has a problem with me hosting their xrns on my own server, let me know and i’ll take it down. (i think so far all the files are by dblue though, so i hope he’s okay with it :) )

Nice job, looks good! :)

@TheBellows: thanks man! appreciate it.

was thinking after my earlier update, and remembered 2 additional things, which i then added. they are the Big ass Scopes Easter Egg and (how could i’ve forgotten this one?) my own collection of kinda-ridiculous-but-pretty-cool-nonetheless ‘Reversed Soundsculpting’ techniques.


(check out the link to the cheatsheet in my signature, or just click it here)

Thanks, rhowaldt! Bookmarked!

small one, but added a link to loopproject. check it here on the links-page:

Your site is now bookmarked rouwauldgh! thanks for sharing

Sweet. This is awesome. Thanks. :D

@all: thanks for the thank-you’s.

just updated it because i forgot KURTZ’s BPM Sync Instrument Envelopes thingy.