New Renoise Fan

Hi all.

Former Cubase user here. I just found Renoise, and it is a godsend. Because of an extreme lack of space, I was using Cubase without a MIDI controller. I don’t think I need to describe what an enormous pain in the ass that is. Renoise is exactly what I needed. And so intuitive, too.

I noticed the developers made a large logo available, so I made these (1600x1200) wallpapers for anyone who wants them. You can crop or resize them as you see fit in any image editing program.

Wallpaper 1
Wallpaper 2


Woaa thanks for the wallpapers… I like them… simple, minimalist, classic, perfect.

I made a theme to accompany those:

click here

Can be used with or without textures.

e:fixed. Damn typo.

link does not work :angry:

these are really lovely! thank you sir! and welcome to the renoise community :)


welcome mig, and thanks for the wallpapers! I’m currently using your #1

think he just made a typo, the link was:
so i just assumed the m was supposed to be an n and it works:

will try it later…

Word! :)

Renoise is really a godsend to us moving from Cubase :):slight_smile:

Darn. That’s right. Well, I fixed it, so now link works.

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Word! :)

Renoise is really a godsend to us moving from Cubase :):slight_smile:

amen to that.

the best thing tho is,… no more zooming in and out all the goddamned time! :yeah:

thanks for the wallpaper, using your 1 on my desktop :D</0x00005628527cf198>