New Renoise Shirt Logo?

What do you guys think?

If you want it, I have a full sized tif file as well.

RNS_spiral_full.tif 72MB

5000p x 5000p. I forgot to set it at 300 resolution for printing. But that’s a quick fix in Photoshop. Also, if you guys don’t like the noisy look of the spiral, there’s a clean version as well.

like your idea, but the colour combination isn’t quite my taste :rolleyes:
what about something more like this:

(… just a super quick photoshop paint bucket mockup to show what I’d like to change - stronger renoise red, and maybe white on black?)

Wow, good point. If it were to be printed on black than I definitely agree with yours. But if it goes on a dark gray, I don’t think it would look as sharp.

I think mine’s neutral with the gray. But then again it doesn’t look as good on black.

I like the dark grey …
How about a renoise logo rotating( ghost steps ) around a centr point, 3/4 bird’s eye view .

start’s up 3d max :)

Ha ha ha, that’s awesome. We should post up a bunch of designs, maybe the renoise team will pick one… hint hint. :lol:

This thread reminds me that I have to buy a new t-shirt (gave away my last one to my former girlfriend when it started to shrink, apparently washing it in 40 degrees changes the size a bit after a while).

Edit: Oh, and on-topic: Nah, I like the original logo a lot more.

Unfortunately I don’t have 3d max on this pc right now …
I’ll post the final result in a week or so

For what it’s worth, coming from a complete neeb and lurker, I think it’s a great design, Meow.

The first one is really great.

What I do not like concerning the logo is the big “R”, but that has nothing to do with your design. ;)

I’m guessing the rest of the renoisers don’t like the design as much…

I would like to see something like this :P


^ love it, Charles :D

yeah, great idea! :)

Rotate the letters so they have to be read in authentic scroll down fashion? :)

^ more win

also, we need some hex in there

Nice one charlylinch. :) I also agree with moshak on rotating the letters.

but I think it will be too difficult to read in a quick look.

I need that shirt right now!

To your average everyday cholesterol injected fool, yes.

But to your average tracker, I don’t think so. Besides, it’s good to catch someone’s attention to focus on what something is.

i like the first design, personally i think the “renoise” should be above or below the pi/shell/spiral/fuzzy distressed renoise logo pi shell spiral thing.

In it’s current incarnation, it may not fit well with that idea so possibly a white border (think 70’s style) around the letters. to match the actual logo in the design, (since it has the white fill in it) perhaps removing the white fill from the logo, and around the name, removing a little from around the name, similar to the white border spoken above just removed from the design.

If ideas were wanted i would suggest to add a highly intricate design pattern on the fins of the spiralicular renoise logo. as in sea shells they show highly detailed intricate pattterns.

wait, do we have vector art for the logo, or access to the font?